Where did all the Australian Saddles Go?

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July 13, 2020

So you are ready to buy a new good quality Australian saddle, have found our website and now are wondering. Why don't you have many saddles in stock? Why don't you have my size in stock? Where did all the saddles go?


Well thats annoying. This is full on riding season and the time to get new gear for our ponies. Normally, we are fully stocked and ready to deliver. But here is our story for why we have run low on our Australian Saddles:

For 20 years Outback Saddles has been the Canadian distributor for Down Under Saddles in Colorado. We have personally owned and operated Outback Saddles since 2007. Business was good. But unfortunately for all of us, Down Under Saddles decided to close their doors in the fall of 2019. This left us high and dry with very little saddles in stock.


Fortunately, we were able to buy Down Under's last shipment from their manufacturer and establish a new relationship with the manufacturer to continue supplying these great saddles. We got that shipment in March. All was good. We were happy. Then Covid hit.

Of course, everyone continued to ride, because that is what we do. And so during isolation we sold most of those saddles. Problem being that with Covid the manufacturing shut down. This had put our next order behind by 3 months of production. Sadly, right in the prime time of riding season. So now instead of having saddles for late spring as we thought, we are not expecting our order of saddles until late summer.

Disappointing! Not just for us, but for anyone that really enjoys the feel of a good Australian saddle. But we do think that these saddles are really worth waiting for. If you don't mind waiting for your saddle, then its 10% off for pre ordering.

And all of our new US customers, get the benefit of our low Canadian dollar. That is about a 25% savings! We think this is worth waiting for.