How to do a wither tracing of your horse

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September 15, 2020

This is an easy step by step tutorial on making a wither tracing as well as back tracings that you can either scan and email or simply take a picture and send via phone. It is useable not just for Australian saddles but for most other types of saddles.


Feel for the edge of your horse’s shoulder blade. Mark at 2 finger widths behind the shoulder blade and this is where you will take the tracing. It may correspond with the high point of the wither as well. At the centre of the bendable ruler, fold that down over the wither and mould this down behind the shoulder blade on both sides. You should have an upside down V or U shape.


Trace this onto a regular piece of paper. At 2” down from the top centre, with a ruler, draw straight across the tracing and mark down how many inches it is across. Do this again at 6” down. This will give us the exact measurements in case the tracing is altered when emailing, or also if you are sending it as a text picture.


Locate the low point of the back and repeat the tracing again. This will show us how wide your horse’s back is.

You can also use the wire to mould it over the spine to give us the top line of your horse. Start at the high point of the wither and end at T18 or last rib for reference.

We also prefer to have photo of the side view of your horse. Head should be straight forward, ground should be level and all 4 legs fairly even


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