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How to do a wither tracing of your horse
July 13, 2020
Why should you purchase an Australian Endurance Saddle?
Why should you purchase an Australian Endurance Saddle?
May 17, 2022

I know many people resist change but overall change is good for us. We have been listening to our customers over the years about what they love about their saddles and what they would like to see changed. One of the bigger concerns is the Australian girthing system. Some people tolerate it and some don't mind it but many would rather not have it. So our next order of saddles coming in October will no longer have the Australian girthing system and will be replaced with English billets. There will be 3 billet straps allowing for multiple girthing points. This is great for horses with a more forward girthing point. As well, if a horse needs a girth set farther back in position, there will be that option too. We are considering though, keeping the overgirth slot for those who do still want that option.


The other change is regarding what has been known as the Kimberley line of saddles. We have wanted to see the leather on these saddles upgraded for some time. The leather will now be a premium leather, the same as the Down Under line of saddles. We are pretty excited about this. The leather will make the this economical line a higher quality saddle over all.:

We know there is a lot of junk out there coming from Asia and we just don't want our saddles to be compared to that. We hear a lot of complaints about the leather and quality of workmanship on the Asian made saddles. It makes us cringe! We want pretty! Functional and comfort. Of course, this will add a bit to the price on the saddles but they will still be under the $1000 range. So still an affordable saddle with a better look overall.


And for last, the name of the saddles are all changing. Since Down Under Saddles is no more, we have changed the saddles and all products we produce to Bad Dog Ranch saddles. As well as some of the saddles will have a name change. These are still made by the same manufacturer who has made these saddles with the utmost care since Down Under Saddles started over 20 years ago. We meet once per year to discuss changes and any concerns we have. We are really excited to be continuing to supply such great saddles..