Snowy River Saddle 19″ used


Truly handsome, timeless & totally functional… that’s the Snowy River Saddle! This is a used saddle with some wear on the leather from use. Overall it is in good condition and has many years left in it. No deep scratches etc.

Considerable time & precision is taken to build each Australian saddle with a special low maintenance sheepskin panel that distributes the rider’s weight evenly over a larger area on the horse’s back. You’ll find it deep seated, secure & above all, unsurpassed in comfort. This style of saddle is considered a crossover saddle. It has the fleece panel like a Western Saddle with the tree and poleys of an Australian saddle.

The saddle horn is securely attached to the steel gullet & angled forward out of your way, but is always there when you need it. Totally hand-crafted, with a special sheepskin panel so production is limited. Available in tree widths to suit most horses and with an adjustable gullet, backed by a 10 year product warranty on the tree.

All of our Australian saddles come fully fitted with 2.5″ stirrup leathers, a fleece or felt girth, and stirrups.

With the fleece panel we recommend the Bad Dog Ranch 1/2″ saddle pad.

Send us your wither and back tracings so we can custom fit your saddle to your horse. Also check out our YouTube channel for more details on how to do a wither tracing!



➼ Leather Type: Nubuck Leather
➼ Colour: Black
➼ Stitching & Hardware:  White stitching & stainless steel hardware on black leather
➼ With or Without Horn
➼ Tree Type: Wood reinforced with steel, adjustable gullet
➼ Girth: 3 billet straps 1.25″ wide on each side for multiple girthing points. Comes fully fitted with girth
➼ Seat Size: 19
➼ Seat Depth: 4 1/2″
➼ Weight: Approx. 26lbs
➼ Saddle Type: Fleece lined
➼ Brand: Bad Dog Ranch

Poleys 4″


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