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Kimberley Crupper
July 1, 2019
Sheepskin Breastplate & Bridle Covers
July 2, 2019
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Bad Dog Ranch Leather Saddle Bag


Super soft leather and built outback tough, this Australian saddle bag will last for many years.

D Ring attached to the the left lower hand side of the saddle.


➼ Leather Type: Soft Leather
➼ Colour: Black or Brown
➼ Stitching: Gold
➼ Hardware: Brass
➼ Dimensions: 8″ X 12″ with 4″ Gusset
➼ Made by: Bad Dog Ranch

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Leather Handbag for Saddles

A leather handbag can make your horse trip more efficient. Just attach a leather handbag on the leather saddle and you can carry multiple items with ease. If you love horseback riding then a saddle handbag is a must-have accessory. It will keep you prepared, organized and most importantly, not laden with weights.

Outback Saddles brings you an excellent selection of accessories, such as leather handbag, made from finest quality leather. It is designed to fit perfectly with the horse saddle. And, it is meant to last for many years.

Why You Need a Leather Saddle Handbag

A horse saddle handbag is an essential accessory that you need for a long-distance horse-riding trip. It is designed to carry everything you need for the trip, from emergency supplies to everyday essentials and more. Trail riding is fun, but you also need to carry all the essential items to make the adventure more comfortable.

You can easily fit in items like water, cell phone, compass, maps, snacks, first aid kit, gears and tools like pocket knife. The list is endless and you can choose to carry items that you will need during your trip.

A leather saddle will help you carry these items without any hassle. Leather is strong and durable. And, they can last for decades depending on use.

Why Choose outback Saddles

Outback Saddles specializes in Australian saddles, accessories and products to make your horse-riding more fun. All the products are made from high-quality materials, such as genuine leather. And, they come from well-known brands like Bad Dog Ranch. You can get the products shipped across Canada and USA. Ordering products is easy and effortless. Also, the prices are the best in the industry.

Choose the best products and make your long-distance and trail horse riding more enjoyable. Start exploring now.