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Not only do we specialize in some of the most comfortable Australian & Endurance saddles, quality tack and wool felt saddle pads but we also carry durable oilskin coats and oilskin drovers designed for the elements of North America. As a leading retailer of Australian saddles, we are confident that we can outfit you and your equine mates for all your outdoor adventures!
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Outback Saddles has been fitting Australian saddles for over 20 years, we are confident we can answer all your questions and concerns better than other tack shops. We strive to bring you amazing quality and great personal customer service.

Not only do we specialize in some of the most comfortable Australian saddles but we also carry durable outerwear clothing and tack designed for the elements of North America. As a leading retailer of Australian saddles, we are confident that we can outfit you and your equine mates for all your outdoor adventures!


  • I am very happy with the service I got from Amber. She kept me in the loop as of time of delivery  date and the stirrups I ordered were perfect and what I expected.
  • Master Campdraft with horn
    I can't say enough about the amazing service I received from Amber @ Cariboo Outback Saddles. Amber was very accommodating, went above and beyond to be sure I was satisfied with my selection of saddle, and accommodated my physical limitations. She offered very informative advice and suggestions which in the end made me a very satisfied and comfy customer! I am so happy with my Australian Camp draft saddle, the comfort, quality and customer service is superior to all!
    Thanks again Amber,
    P.S. Sam and Roxy love the new saddle as well!
    Arlene Thompson
  • My experience with Amber was phenomenal! I was trying to convert my Down Under stock saddle to a Western cinch and had learned that it is difficult to find anyone knowledgeable on that subject. Amber came through and let me know what I could do and the most cost efficient way to do it! She handmade me a brand new overgirth and I received it very quickly. The leather is wonderful quality, soft and smooth, and the stitching is solid and durable looking. Thank you so much, Amber!
    Kate Sweeney
  • I have a long backed TW and he is old. I bought a Aussie saddle from Amber and had trouble getting it to fit. Amber came to my house which is 230 miles one way and she measured up my gelding and my husband’s gelding. Amber took my saddle home with her, 230 miles. She fixed my saddle and an Aussie saddle for my husband’s horse and an Aussie saddle for my mule.  Amber came all the way back to my place again and made sure all three saddles fit properly. Amber has given us the best service possible far above what anyone could ever expect. Amber answers our e-mails promptly, returns phone calls right away. You just could not get better service anywhere.

  • I just thought I’d let you know how much I like the wool saddle pad I got from you recently! I went for a very long ride the other day and it was a hot day (at least for us here on the coast!).  When I unsaddled, the pad weighed about 3 times what it did when I saddled up.  It had absorbed so much sweat that my horses back was relatively dry.  Using a cotton pad, his back would have been much sweatier. I also found a great way to wash the pad - I simply hosed if off and after it had dried, brushed out the accumulated hair.Mandy Spottiswoode
  • I have been dealing with Amber from Outback Saddles for the past year. I have a horse that is dealing with extreme cinchiness and saddle discomfort and  I was unable to ride her with a western saddle. Amber was able to find a comfortable saddle for myself and my horse within my budget and had it fit specifically to my mare. Amber has refit the saddle three times in the past year to have my mare comfortable. My mare has not been a easy one to fit and I have texted Amber many times for suggestions and ideas and she has always been extremely kind and caring. Amber has always been willing to think outside the box to keep me riding this mare. I know we still have long road ahead of us but without Amber's knowledge and expertise we would have not made it as far as we have. We can not thank you enough for all your support and help!
    Tanya and Orio
  • Master Campdraft with horn

    I can’t say enough good things about Amber and Outback Saddles. I’ve been a customer for many years and just purchased my 2nd Aussie saddle. I haven’t looked back since my first purchase and now that I’ve developed some arthritic problems, I REALLY appreciate the comfort of these saddles!!!

    The prices are always fair, the product quality is excellent, and anyone who has dealt with her will agree that Amber truly goes out of her way to provide the absolute best customer service!

    Kim Demers
  • Amber at Outback Saddles is one of the most helpful people I ever dealt with, and she stands behind her products.

    Robert Podgurney

  • Absolutely love this saddle. Been looking for a good saddle for two years. and contacted Amber. She directed me to do a back tracing for correct sizing and I ended up with the snowy rive. Excellent saddle and excellent customer service. My advice is to not get the cheap knock offs that have become so popular. Consult this store and get the real deal.
  • This is my second Aussie from Outback , and I can’t say enough about the customer service I received from Amber. I traded in my old Kimberly Stock and got a newer version , and even though I have only had it a couple days , I’m sure I will love it as much as my last!


  • Amber goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are VERY satisfied! Thank you for amazing service and quality tack!!


  • I have a hard to fit horse, short backed and wide. Cariboo Outback was very helpful and knowledgeable in fitting both my horse and me. Service returning emails and all my questions were answered promptly. Very accommodating.

    R.P. Kamloops, BC

  • I bought a Longreach Endurance over a year ago for my (hard to fit) Icelandic Horse. It fits him very well and is nice and light weight, which we both appreciate. I received hours of help from Amber getting the fit right for my Icelandic. Over a year later and we are still very happy with the Longreach. Thanks Amber!
    Dawn Riley
  • Neil Stewart
    I recently bought a Longreach Endurance after having bought my wife a Kimberly Lite Rider some 8 years ago. Both are light and comfortable and feel very narrow and therefore easy on knees and hips. The Kimberly has stood up well but Longreach is definitely a step up in quality. Neil Stewart
    Neil Stewart
  • Ilonka
    Have used this saddle a few times, it is very comfortable , it fits my horse great and makes me feel very secure. The only negative is that it scratches very easy, even just after fitting once on my horse it already had some marks. I don’t really like the different types of leather used for the girth billets. The over-girth ring makes a visible dent in the saddle, I hope it won’t wear through. I was expecting a bit more quality but the riding part with the saddle is great.
  • Gerald Mosier
    never had any oilskin before thats why a 4 star instead of 5 but I like what I see , havent used it yet but it fits fine for an overcoat , material is nice and heavy , if taken care of , this coat should last a long time . I got the brown as black was back ordered but the brown is a nice dark brown not a reddish brown like the picture shows . big pockets , 2 inside zipper pockets , nice shoulder cape that is attached to the heavy collar , 2 sets of snaps for storm flap . I like it ..
    Gerald Mosier
  • Christine Rivet
    I’ve ridden horses for 45+ yrs. and this saddle has to be the most comfortable I’ve ever ridden in. I thought my riding days were going to be far and few between as my hips and knees would just scream after even a short ride. So I did some research on the Aussie saddles, contacted Amber and ended up with the Snowy River Legend saddle … the best money I’ve ever spent. So if your getting into your senior years like me and have knee and/or hip issues or just plain achy muscles and think your riding days are coming to end, try and Aussie saddle before throwing in the towel. I can’t say enough good things about this saddle and the excellent customer service Amber provided.
    Christine Rivet
  • Barb L
    This is my second Aussie from Outback , and I can’t say enough about the customer service I received from Amber. I traded in my old Kimberly Stock and got a newer version , and even though I have only had it a couple days , I’m sure I will love it as much as my old one. They’re a wonderful saddle , secure and LIGHT , which is an important consideration because the older I get the less I like heaving a 40 lb. Roper up onto my Fat Boy. Looking forward to many more years of enjoyment … and would recommend an Aussie and Cariboo Outback to anyone!
    Barb L
  • Withheld
    Hi, Amber:Just wanted to let you know that the Equipedic saddle pad is awesome! It arrived yesterday and I tried it right away with the treeless saddle. I rode my gelding yesterday and the other gelding today. My one reacted well, i.e. much more “giving” from the back. the other seemed calmer than usual but was still pinning back his ears when asked to go faster. I am more and more convinced that this has nothing to do with the type of saddle or pad but that he has a gut problem and is in pain as soon as the cinch exerts pressure on his girth area.I looked at the pad right after taking it off the horse and it’s amazing to actually see and feel the contours of the horse’s back imprinted in it! My horse was bit sweaty to today and it made the pattern on his back visible. There were no dry spots, the contact seemed to have been perfect. From the rider’s perspective I can feel the difference from when I first mount until the saddle is warm. At first the seat of the saddle seat feels stiff but after a while I sink into the leather and feel very comfortable.A final note about the treeless saddle: As you know I was concerned about my weight creating too much of a pinpoint weight on my horse’s back right underneath my seat bones. It seems to me that the Equipedic pad distributes my weight much better than the pad the saddle came with, but – of course – I cannot measure this to confirm.
  • Reggie McNeil
    I purchased slicker about 3 years ago. If you have to be out in the elements especially rain then this is the item for you. Dirt wipes right off and you always stay clean and dry. I use it regularly when it rains. Wears well and it is still like the day I bought it.
    Reggie McNeil
  • Sherri
    I have nothing but good things to say about this saddle. I have a hard to fit, short backed horse and I have short legs. Having gone through a variety of trail and english saddles I was having a hard time getting one to fit both. Too much bulk under my legs or did not fit him, or didn’t like how the seat felt etc. This saddle fit both of us. Spending 5 hours on a new saddle without feeling sore – well that says it all. No break in time needed. Love that there is no bulk under legs and the seat is sooooo comfortable. I am not the best rider, and have stayed on through some dicey situations. So easy to tie on gear and love the security of the girth which can be evened out both sides. Also very easy to take off stirrups when changing length when daughter rides. I had expected from photos that the leather straps running over the seat might be irritating, but it isn’t at all. This saddle is a keeper. Over time the wool padding underneath is shaping to his back and it feels so sturdy. Easy to clean and for me, I like the rougher leather, more forgiving for the inevitable marks, it looks better with time, in my opinion! Added a sheepskin seat cover, makes the comfortable ride even nicer!
  • Diane
    I bought a Wizzard Poley just over 2 years ago. I have been riding western for 30 years and at my age my knees were starting to give me problems. I rode in my brands of western saddles and none of them helped the knee pain. I got to the point that I might have to stop riding. A friend wanted to go to shop for her aussie tack, and I went along, I started to look at the saddles, and ended up getting the Wizzard, with a horn. I like the horn to carry my stuff.Now I can go out for 4 or 5 hours at a time, before I have problems. It has been years since I could ride that long. I am glad I picked this saddle,I now have many long rides ahead of me.
  • Norm
    I had a Stetson for many years and someone stole it. I’m now happy it happend because my new Snowy River is “great”. Perfect fit and lovely. I’m wondering why they waited so long to steel my old hat!
  • Tari
    I purchased a black hornless Kimberley Stock as my first Aussie saddle, to see how I felt about it. I was trained english and switched to western which I did not like. Being a middle aged woman I no longer felt english saddles had enough security, and my western saddle caused too much pain in my hips and knees. The Kimberley Stock is excellent! I gave a wither tracing of my horse and photos of him, and my saddle fits him perfectly. It is very comfortable for long (3+ hours) rides. The only negatives are if you have very short legs you may wish to look for a saddle with shorter flaps, you will need some protection on the stirrup leathers to stop the wearing on the flaps, the stirrups have no traction at all and are very wide and heavy, and in my case the poley were not exactly symmetrically in place. It does not affect the saddle use but it bothers me nonetheless. It is a great starter Aussie and my next one will be a much larger investment.
  • Howard Thistle
    Hats off to Amber: I would encourage people to purchase the chinks from cariboo outback. I recieved my chinks custom made all the way from BC. I live in NL and made the plunge to have amber make me a pair of chinks.I was wearing a pair of chaps that restricted my movement to mounting my horse.Since buying cariboo outbacks product mounting is a breeze and so is the fit. Luckily i found this wonderful tack store and been buying there excellent merchandise every since. Koodles to Amber ?
    Howard Thistle
  • Brenda Fawkes
    I got this saddle in Black for wet weather riding on the westcoast of BC the easycare of the synthetic is fantastic, it is light and easy to tack up. The whither tracing provided an excellent fit. Has become my favorite saddle ended up getting my daughter one too as she kept borrowing mine.
    Brenda Fawkes